XSplit Broadcaster v3.9 is now available

XSPLIT Broadcaster V3.9 is now available to Download

XSplit have released a new version of the popular Streaming and Recording service, bringing users some new and upgraded features from their previous 3.8 version, such as:

Audio Mixer Extension: That is available to download from the plug-in store on v3.9, shows you your audio levels in a convenient way using the decibel (dB) scale helping the user identify when audio is too loud or quiet.

Source Grouping: is a simple looking feature that helps you organize and categorize your sources better with the added benefit of being able to move and resize those sources together. For example, you could select a webcam frame image and a webcam source and then group them together allowing you to move them together in the mixer area but also to collapse them in the sources area and rename it so both become a single item at a glance.

Scene Presets: Are a way of configuring the same scene with the same sources in multiple ways. For example you might have your webcam in the top left of your screen in one preset and the top right in another. Instead of having to duplicate or rebuild the same scene to have a webcam in a different position, Scene presets allows you to add a transition time to presets that causes the presets to animate between each other like key frames. The position, the rotation, the colour correction and more will all animate if you change them from one preset to another, allowing you some powerful combinations to your production quality.

Gamepad Visualizer: Brings support to Gamepads, arcade sticks, hitbox, and mixbox-style controllers.

All information from the XSPLIT Blog that you can read in full by clicking HERE

Click HERE to go to the Download page for XSPLIT Broadcaster V3.9 .

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