Thoughts on RDR2 coming to PC

by Lazarus

I caught the News yesterday from, Rockstar games, that they will be releasing RDR2 on PC on November 5th. I truly think that it is great that PC players will at last get to enjoy this beautiful game for themselves. However, at the same time I can’t help think of what may now happen to the game in the future with the possibility of modding.

Now don’t get me wrong, some mods in games can be great and help players or bring new enhancements into the game to make them more visually stunning. They can be good fun, for example, by adding different characters into a different game, like the late great YARDLEY DIAMOND, But then there are the mods that can Help the Player, but not the Players.

These mods really came to their height with GTAV and within a short time we sore them pass onto console with things like, Invisability mode, God Mode and fast run, as well as others allowing a player to become unstoppable or give them some kind of advantage over other players in a PvP situation.

Now to give Rockstar there due they did bring in counter measures to combat against them, but to be honest was a little too late as mods such as above had already started to ruin GTAV for players, with sometimes on a daily basis video clips being posted on twitter of some modded player captured on GTAVOnline.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m pleased that PC players will finally get to play RDR2 and RDR2Online and from seeing tweets on Twitter a lot of players are ready. But, Are Rockstar games ready?

For me, I love RDR2Online at present. I love the direction that Rockstar are taking the game and I’m looking forward to see how they will expand on what we all can see and do in their beautiful world. I just I hope that the past problems with mods like in GTAVOnline don’t come with it all as well.


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