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For me, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, is one of my favourite fantasy games ever to be released by Bethesda. To this day I still enjoy playing through all of the quests and side quests, killing a huge amount of enemies, maxing out my levels, and creating the best amours etc.

To be honest, I didn`t really know anything about Skyrim at first, I didnt know for instance when it was released or who made it until I saw game plays on YouTube. After awhile and after watching many walk-throughs, I went out to my local town centre and brought it, and once I had got it, played non-stop until I officially completed the game, and had managed to log a total of over 40 hours.

The DragonBorn, DawnGuard and Hearthfire DLC’s

Hearthfire DLC is, for me, one of the worst DLC`S ever to be created for Skyrim, as you can get married to certain characters, own pieces of land to create your dream home and also adopt up to 2 children and all live together in your house. Thats all fine for SIMS but in my opinion its not needed here, and that’s what makes it the worst for me.

DawnGuard DLC gave you the option of becoming a vampire, which is kind of cool and i enjoyed, but you have the usual restrictions of being a vampire, such as being weaker in sun light and having to keep feeding to keep your strength up, but did come with certain powers contained within it that made being a vampire fun.

The final DLC, DragonBorn, allowed you to travel to the island of Solstheim which is inhabited by the Dark-Elf race, that is one of the races you can choose from at the start of the game. Some of the bonuses to this DLC was that it gave you more quests, new armor, weapons and the ability to tame and ride dragons, which is an awesome thing to do.

In my opinion, Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim, is an amazing game and one game that I can return to time and again. If I were you, and if you haven’t already, give it a try and see for yourself.

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