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Welcome to another, Meet the, Episode, in which we have asked our various Stush members a few questions,that they have then kindly answered, so you can get to know a bit more about the people of StushGaming. So scroll down to find out a bit about our Stush Streamer WILDDREAMZ.

Q and A with WILDDREAMZ.

Q. what was the first game and console / Computer you remember playing on?

The first game I played was Tetris on computer, when I was 3 years old.

Q. what would you say is your favourite game EVER!?

My favourite game ever would be Fable. At the time of Fables release it was the first of its kind. It gave the player a cause and effects of the actions good or bad performed in the game. It showed the player visible effects of the deeds a player did in the game, such as the player gains horns for bad deeds, or angel wings for good deeds. Even presenting scars on the player after re-spawning from a death, It truly sparked a liking and passion for gaming in me.

Q. what is your favourite type of game to play?

My favourite type of games to play are open world, role playing. I am currently in love with Red Dead Redemption2 for its open world, and two styles of game play. First is the main over all story lines. Second is a mass multiplayer online story mode. I’ve enjoyed games like Skyrim, never winter, Risen, and fallout series.

Q. what got you into wanting to be a streamer?

Both My mom and grandma had passed away a week from each other in August of 2018. Because of losing both of them so close, I needed an outlet. I needed something that was cost efficient, mind consuming, and would help me get out of my comfort zone. My husband had seen live streamers earning money for playing video games. So he suggested I give it a try.

Q. what was the first game that you streamed?

My first live stream game was Red Dead Redemption 2.

Q. what have you learnt from being a streamer?

I’ve learned so much being a streamer. I’ve learned to interact better with people, how to design my own graphic for my channel, promote myself, produce a show, conduct business, edit videos, edit pictures, promote to social media, I’ve learned so much, and I still have so much more to learn.

Q. Do you do anything else in your spare time other than streaming?

I am a stay at home mom, so I hold down the home front, the backbone to my family. I love to paint, draw, crafts, hiking, camping, fishing, listening to music, watching TV and movies, and playing games. There’s plenty I do besides streaming, life and family are my main focuses.

Thank you WILDDREAMZ for answering the questions and for being a Stush Streamer.

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