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welcome again to another in the, Meet the, blog series, In which we have asked our various Stush Members some questions, that they have then kindly answered, so you can get to know a bit more about the people of StushGaming. So scroll down and read on to the latest Q and A we had with our Stush Streamer SUPERNAUTUS.

Q and A with Supernautus.

Q1. What was the first game and console / Computer you remember playing on?

The first system I remember playing was a ZX Spectrum that belonged to my dad, then he bought an NES with the robot packaged. But my own first console was a Sega Master System, which I loved at the time but now wonder why.

Q2. What would you say is your favourite game EVER!?

A difficult choice because I've played so many games over the years. It has to be the Grand Theft Auto series with San Andreas being my favourite.

Q3. What is your favourite type of game to play?

Hard to pick a specific type, as I'll play just about anything. But I tend to mostly play RPG, Action and Adventure games. Old school style Point and click type games, Open world RPGS are something I will play for a long time, especially those released by Bethesda or anything Bioware related.

Q4. What got you into wanting to be a streamer?

I've got some background in Radio presenting and had an idea that combining that and gaming was to some extent what streaming is. Combining two things I enjoy in a platform where I have control of content was an exciting prospect even as a hobby.

Q5. What was the first game that you streamed?

I played a little bit of Darksiders 2 and Diablo 3 early on while I was beginning. With the right content going forward i'll get better all the time.

Q6. What have you learnt from being a streamer?

I guess the main things I've learned is that the support of a great network of people can really help build confidence and ability.

Q7. Do you do anything else in your spare time other than streaming?

Other than Streaming I try my hand at writing film screenplays, with an interest in making something from it. I love watching a variety of films from the early days of cinema to now, with a skew towards 60s to 80s horror and sci-fi. I also love music, mostly metal and heavy rock, but I have a wide taste from Blues to Death Metal.

Thank you Supernautus for answering the Questions and for being a Stush Streamer.

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