Meet the Streamer: CurveBlitz

Welcome to another, Meet the, Episode, in which we have asked our various Stush members a few questions,that they have then kindly answered, so you can get to know a bit more about the people of StushGaming. So scroll down to read the latest Q and A we had with our Stush Streamer CURVEBLITZ.

Q and A with CURVEBLITZ.

Q1. what was the first game and console / Computer you remember playing on?

The first games computer I played on was the Commodore 64 which was a long time ago now.

Q2. what would you say is your favourite game EVER!?

Favourite game ever is a tough one. I would have to say I have a selection of favourites. Borderlands series I’m nuts about as everyone knows but I also loved final fantasy 7 which was the first one in the series I played, there’s also Spider-man games god of war. So there’s a selection of my top games because I can’t choose just one.

Q3. what is your favourite type of game to play?

FPS is definitely my favourite type of games to play. I just enjoy the way in that they play and work, for example, borderlands and call of duty.

Q4. what got you into wanting to be a streamer?

Basically I wanted a way to meet people and have more interaction when gaming

Q5. what was the first game that you streamed?

The first game I streamed I believe was call of duty BO3.

Q6. what have you learnt from being a streamer?

I’ve found that streaming can help meet new people and broaden friends to play games with which I enjoy, and about interactions during games.

Q7. Do you do anything else in your spare time other than streaming?

I don’t have much spare time around work at the moment. But when I do its speading time with my son.

Thank you CURVEBLITZ for answering the questions and Thankyou for being a Stush Streamer.

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