Hi everyone! Stush has been reviewing our stats from the past few months, and all that number crunching bored us so we have skipped to the fun part! We are pleased to introduce our new Clan Challenge for our Players, Members and amazing Community to get involved with!

The Clan Challenge is a content-based challenge that all Stush Players can take part in!

We know that our members play a wide range of games, unfortunately we can't cater for every game in the clan challenge, but if your game/clip matches the requirements of the clan challenge Theme then you can submit it.

How it works:

- There may be 1-2 different challenges set every month

- The Theme for the clips will be posted and there will be a deadline set to submit your clips

- The server will be wiped at the end of each challenge, ready for the new challenge!

- Clips will be reviewed and the Top 10 clips will go into our clan challenge videos!

- Themes may include Sniping, Multi-Kills, Kill-Streaks, Winning Clips or Ultimates

- Please only share the links to clips in the server

- We will check that any clips used are from active members of our community

Clan Challenge Chat:

Submit Your Clips:

Look out for our June Clan Challenge, more details coming soon.