You may have heard this before. But an onion has many layers. Not just the outer layer and If you peel each layer away you get to see each part that makes the onion whole. basically our STUSH is like an onion, carry on reading to find out about the different layers of STUSH GAMING.


Our Media pages

The main layer and the one that most people see of STUSH is our media pages where we share all the latest news and information about our various members, gaming news of interest and the latest from our communities.

Twitter... @Stushgaming_

Facebook... Stushgaming

Instagram: @Stushgaming

Youtube: StushGaming

Our Communities, Your Communities...

Our community pages are the areas of STUSH on ,PLAYSTATION 4, XBOX ONE,STEAM and DISCORD, where Stush players can either, Chat, share links, Pictures, Videos or ask other members for help on a game, It’s up to you!.

The PS4 and Xbox communities are managed by @lazarus_72 and the STEAM Community by @Mr_Malice69. If you would like any further information, then drop either of them a message via twitter and they will be happy to help.

Stush Stream Team

It pretty much speaks for itself, but this section of STUSH Consists of talented streamers and video makers on TWITCH, MIXER and YOUTUBE, that support us and in turn we support them through our media pages and through blogs here on our website and in any other way possible.

If you would like some Stream support or have any questions about it, then message our Stream Team manager @MisterWillisGmg on twitter for further help.

ESports Division

Again this pretty much speaks for itself really. This is the area of STUSH that consists of our ESPORTS Teams that we have at present to compete in, PALADINS, CALL OF DUTY, HALO and GTSPORT. We are always expanding and may well have more teams in the future, watch our pages for any annoucements.

For enquires about our ESports teams please contact us HERE. Or if you have a quick question, then please message our twitter page @stushgaming_

Q & A’s

Q. Can anyone join STUSHGAMING and what do I need to do to join?

A. Yes, (As long as you are nice to your fellow members) all the information is above.

Q. Can I learn more about STUSHGAMING?

A. You sure can, just click HERE to go to this websites home page and menu.

Q. Can I get involved with the ESports Teams?

A. Sorry, but not at this present time as our rosters are full. But as stated above we are always expanding, Watch our pages to find out the latest Stush.

Q. What games do you play?

A. The quick answer for that is, a wide variety!

Q. Do you have any clubs or groups for any particular game or games?

A. Yes we do. We have a dedicated GTAVOnline CREW and RDR2Online POSSE, and chat on a varity of games can be found on our Discord server.

Q. IF I join will I get anything?

A. Yes! Support, Good vibes and Great people to chat, laugh and play games with. Come on, what more do you want?

Q. Can I get a Free StushGaming Competition shirt?

A. No, afraid not as they're not cheap. But Stush members might get to win one on a regular basis in the near future.

Q. I’m on PS4/ Xbox One / PC. Is there other members I can meet and play with on my platform?

A. Meet, Yes. But to play with other members will depend on the game.


If you have any other inquires about STUSH then please message us HERE or via any of our Social Media Pages and we will answer your enquiry as soon as possible.


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