Looking for a fresh platform to share your video content? Take a look at FruitLab, a new video sharing platform that aims to reward it's users for sharing content on the platform instead of YouTube, for example.

Key aspects of the FruitLab platform:

The aim of the FruitLab platform is to: "create the place where all gamers go to share their love of gameplay and to be rewarded for it on fair terms".

"We see FruitLab as a partnership – a partnership between all gamers and ourselves. By watching pre-roll adverts, you generate advertising revenue, up to 75% of which we allocate to you, the Players, on FruitLab.

You receive this in the form of PIPS, which you can then spend in the FruitLab Shop buying digital vouchers and merch.  We believe this is a fair transaction for everyone – you watch and share your gameplay and you earn whilst doing it. 

At the same time, we earn in order to pay for the platform and to pay for the streaming of the videos to you.  

We are all in this together and we all have to look after the site to ensure that it works as it is meant to work – for the benefit of everyone".

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The FruitLab Philosophy:

The FruitLab concept is based on the core philosophies of sharing, partnership and transparency. 

FruitLab was built by people who want to see all gamers having access to a platform that provides fair rewards from the first view. Fair rewards both for the viewer and for the Player that uploaded their video.

We have set the partnership economics at a level where we believe we can all benefit – where we transfer to Players up to 75% of the advertising revenue that we receive from the pre-roll adverts, the adverts that play before a video plays. This 75% is then split 50:50 between the viewer of the video and the Player that uploaded a video.

FruitLab rewards system:

- An advert has to be viewed in its entirety for the viewer to receive their reward

- If an advert is skipped the Player that has uploaded their video still receives their reward

- So if the advert is watched in full, the viewer and the Player that uploaded their video receive the same amount


FruitLab seems to be very early in it's formative stages. It is yet to be seen if there will be any more practical monetisation options on the platform as being only able to spend earned currency within the site is quite restrictive and may cause creators looking for realistic revenue streams to struggle to see the purpose of migrating to the platform. Would the terms offered by FruitLab make you leave a platform like YouTube to share your content?

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