First play thoughts on Apex Legends Season 3.

By HaleyTJ

Now that I have tried the new Apex Legends map, I think It’s cool and i'm pleased that, Respawn and EA, have brought us this whole new beautiful map for season 3 . With its areas of ice, Lava, Swamps and grassed areas with scenic mountains, it really makes a nice change to see this great landscape from the drop ship.

The New Home

Personally one area I already like is called Capital City. Like the name suggests, it is a small city like area with some tall buildings that can contain some nice loot, problem is other people already know this as well. One area that I’ve tried to avoid is the train that travels around the map. I believe some nice loot can be found on it, but is a very popular place at present with other players, and is why I’ve tried to avoid it when possible.

Charge Rifle

New Legend : Crypto

I’ve only had the pleasure of finding The new Charge rifle weapon once myself so far and there’s Not really much to say But, DAMN it`s good, from my experience of finding it, it's a guaranteed one hit kill.

When it comes to the new legend Crypto, I’m a Bangalore fan and I have only tried him a couple times and I will need to play as him some more to get to know his abilities popularly. I do like his drone, it’s easy to use and fly around and see if there are any other teams nearby, very useful at times.

With it all being new to me I’m still finding my way around the map and legend and I have some mixed feelings. But give me some time and it will all feel like home, just like it did for me in Kings Canyon.

Thanks for reading

By HaleyTJ

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Blog by HALEY TJ

Apex Legends Map via APEXINTEL on Twitter

Charge Rifle and Crypto pictures via EA.Com

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