ESO Harrowstorm DLC now live on PC/Mac..

ZeniMax Online Studios officially released the latest DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm today, Featuring two challenging new dungeons, Unhallowed Grave and Icereach, as well as free performance improvements as part of base game Update 25.

Unhallowed Grave and Icereach

In Unhallowed Grave, raiders and grave robbers have forced their way into an ancient burial site in Bangkorai seeking an ancient power that has remained imprisoned for centuries. Players must enter a long-forgotten tomb, uncover the reasons for the crypt’s invasion, and put a stop to the invader’s plans before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Skyrim’s northern coast is beset by a terrible supernatural storm whose origin appears to be the island home of a powerful coven of witches. Players will travel to Icereach to confront the witches and stop their deadly ritual before it brings ruin upon all of Skyrim.

Console players will have to wait a little bit longer, as Harrowstorm is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 10th.

Along with the dlc there has been some improvements with update 25 that brings Performance fixes for all ESO players that improve load times, framerates, and also implements a massive patching overhaul for the ESO game client, changing the way the game is downloaded, patched, and stored.

This dramatically reduces the amount of space ESO takes up on a player’s hard drive and ALL ESO players will have to re-download the game client upon the launch of Update 25 and will receive a free Crimson Torchbug pet for reinstalling ESO.

Coming Soon..

In May for PC/Mac players and in June for console players, is ESO’s Greymoor Chapter, That will take players to Western Skyrim, to the frozen homeland of the Nords, and the long-forgotten Blackreach cavern from what players originally explored in, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where you will fight sinister monsters while unlocking the secret of the Dark Heart of Skyrim.

More Information on Unhallowed Grave, Icereach, Update 25 and about the up and coming Greymoor, can be found by clicking on any of the links below.

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