Beat out the COD MW Beta Competition

How you finding the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta maps, Game Modes and Weapon Loadouts. Found your way around them or could you do with some tips?. Either way, ACTIVISION, have posted some helpful information on their Games Blog pages that might help you out.

Know the Maps

The maps on the CODMW Beta are varied. Get some help and find your way around via the MODERN WARFARE : Bootcamp blog HERE.

The Modes

With New and Revamped maps aswell as some returning classics, The CODMW Beta has some diverse game modes on offer. Learn more about them HERE.


Wanting a kitted out weapon in your hands to go into battle with? of course you do. Learn about the GUN BENCH and the different Attachments and guns you can get HERE.

All Information from ACTIVISION.COM.

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