Presenting our updated roster for the Paladins Console League 2019 Phase 2:

Tobxon (C)





Cicho (Sub)

Rafiita (Sub)

We welcome Taszlan & Tarik to our starting lineup, and also Rafiita who comes into the squad as Sub! Cicho moves to a Sub role in phase 2 of PCL19.

Raiin & SuperCIPO move out of the team. We thank Raiin & Cipo for their service to the team during the 1st split of our campaign!

Congrats to our squad, who this past weekend (22/06/2019) secured our 2nd split in the Paladins Console League 2019. We move onto improving our position in the league & building on what the team has achieved so far!

Congrats to Cicho picking up the Console Corner Week 12 Player Of The Week

Congrats to Ale picking up the Console Corner Week 8 Player Of The Week

We are proud to present our competitive Paladins roster.

Our PS4 EU team is competing in the Paladins Console League 2019 after qualifying through a dramatic series of open brackets & group stage games. Leading the squad in the PCL19 Phase 1 is team Captain Tobxon.

The Team:

Tobxon | @tobxon | (C)

iNikonoob_ | @iNikonoob_ Teh_Raiin | @RaiinTeh

AleLoL14 | @Alelol141

byc_cicho | @Polskiwo

SuperCIPO | @SuperCIPO_ (Sub)

The PCL will be a challenging league but our players will continue to stay motivated during the season, gaining valuable experience as they compete.

Support the players and drop them a follow on their social media channels.

PCL 2019 Qualifiers Update:

Congratulations to our team for winning the Week 3 PS4 EU qualifiers and making it to group stages! We look forward to seeing what the squad can do in the next stage of the PCL 2019 qualifiers.

PCL 2019 Update:

Congratulations to our team for making it out of the group stages and earning a place in the 2019 Paladins Console League! A full breakdown of the Group Play results is available from Console Corner.

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