Snakebyte PS4 Controller Review

Controllers can be one of the most joy bringing accessories in any gamers collection, however, when they go wrong and especially if you’re low on funds, the price of a new PS4 controller isn’t the most joyful of expenses. Well at the present time, and if in need, ARGOS, in the UK is selling the SNAKEBYTE WIRED PS4 CONTROLLER both online and in their stores.

Ok we know what you’re thinking, ‘Its Wired’ and yes it is, however the cable itself is over 3m long, so should be ok for most people. Also, if you’re used to the smoothness of an Official PS4 Controller, then the Snakebyte controller in your hands may feel slightly strange at first, due to its slightly angled sides on the arms of the controller. but we found we got used to it within a few minutes and became normal whilst in game play.

Everything that you find on any PS4 controller is also here , and is set out the nearly the same way, with the only slight changes being to the home buttons slight position change and the share and Options buttons being situated under the smaller sized, but responsive touchpad.

Ok, so sounds pretty good right? Well kind of! You see there is one major problem we found with the SNAKEBYTE Controller. It has No Headphone Jack! Now if you’re the type of gamer that doesn’t always chat and has your ps4 connected to a TV or a surround system for sound, then this may not be a problem, but for those that love to use a headset, like us, then this is a bit of a negative.

However to be fair, overall we think the SNAKEBYTE PS4 Controller is pretty good for the price and is good to use, and did everything we needed it to do with responsive buttons, sticks and with its similar styled Layout it could help save a few pounds in your pocket.

The SNAKEBYTE PS4 WIRED CONTROLLER is available from ARGOS STORES and ARGOS.COM Priced at £24.99 and comes in either BLACK or BLUE. Checkout the links below for more details.