Realm Royale is Really Fun

We have been playing the Realm Royale PS4 Beta, and having a huge amount of fun doing so. What makes Realm Royale stand out from the crowd in the congested Battle Royale genre?

First of all, Realm Royale while appearing on the surface to be an extension of the popular FPS Paladins, is very much it's own game. When news of Realm Royale first surfaced a while ago, it was speculated it would be a game mode within Paladins, but now having played the game itself, it deserves a lot of credit for it's very fun gameplay and for standing on it's own 2 feet, albeit with a pinch of inspiration from Paladins.

Queue times are very short which is great for jumping quickly into a game. Players can opt to play Solo, in a Duo or as a Quad Squad. We recommend heading in as a squad at first to give yourself the best chance of learning the game as some controls take a little bit of getting used to. However you choose to queue up there will be an interesting and entertaining match waiting for you.

As expected, players begin the battle in a Battle Bus type aircraft, jumping out and scrambling to find a location to loot items, grow your weapons and inventory, and avoid an early death either from rival players of the shrinking circle that is enclosing all the time.

Our first couple of games involved some friendly interactions as everyone figured out the controls, weapons and looting system. The next couple of games after that became a lot more competitive, as teams & players became more coordnated and strategic in their playstyles. Since our initial games, Realm Royale has proved itself as a consistent & enjoyable experience. Much like Paladins, players can utilise their Mount to navigate the environment quicker.

Advantages and perks go only as far as what can be looted or forged from collected shards, armour and weapons can all be forged to give you a greater chance of survival. Looting is fairly straight forward and the environment has plenty of locations and forges to allow you to get your inventory as strong as possible before the final showdowns.

Combat in Realm Royale is extremely fun. Weapons can be acquired in Legendary, Epic, Rare & Common form. Take too many hits from an enemies shots and you will become a chicken, hopping around hoping to survive the next 20 seconds until your normal state is restored. Or hilariously chase a wounded enemy around while they are in chicken form and land easy shots to claim the win.

Take too long to eliminate an opponent and they will be restored and the fight will resume. Realm Royale brings a vibrant, colourful and highly entertaining battle royale that is competitive and well balanced. This is one of the few battle royales where games aren't instantly over and the battles can be as comedic as they are intense.

What we have in Realm Royale is the best alternative take on the Battle Royale genre. Fornite & Blackout pretty much have the genre covered, but if you are looking for a fun, competitive and hilariously entertaining battle royale to play, then Realm Royale is the one to watch.

Want to try it for yourself? Sign up for the Realm Royale PS4 Beta Here.

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