Fallout 76 drops to nearly 50% of original price in 1 week

I reported earlier this week about Bethesda dropping the price of Fallout 76 to $40 for Black Friday; it seems they have cut it another $5 for Amazon.com. Leaving players who paid the full $60 not even a week ago speechless. Fans of the game have stormed to social media and Reddit to express the distaste they have for Bethesda after learning the game they just bought last week is almost half off. The new price seems to be "until further notice" and not part of Black Friday sales. It's not normal to see this large of a price drop so soon after a massive, hyped game is released. The review scores across the board for Fallout 76 suggest they may be desperate to get the game in players hands, even if no one seems to like it. Fallout 76 is plagued with in-game bugs, with a vast majority becoming game-breaking. $35 is a better price, but I still can not recommend this game to anyone until Bethesda can hash out the majority of bugs. If not, I can easily see this title hitting the $20 bargain-bin by Christmas.

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