Fallout 76 Falling Behind

With Fallout 76 having recently been released, we have been noticing a trend of disappointing post-release reviews and opinions about the game across many popular gaming sites and social media.

Even some of our own writing team are struggling to find positives to say about the game. Let's take a look at some of the main opinions around Fallout 76.

Eurogamer - "a bizarre, boring, broken mess"

Independent - "can feel more like a task than a glorious adventure"

Guardian - "a pointless walk in the post-apocalypse"

HITC - "a depressing chore you must avoid"

Can it really be that bad? One (former) Fallout 76 fan was so upset with the game, and triggered by his local Gamestop's refusal to issue a refund, he literally trashed the store! (Source: ladbible)

Fallout 76 has also been beaten by Spyro to the top selling game, Fallout 76 achieved the Number 3 spot, with launch sales around 80% lower than those of Fallout 4. (Source: MCV)

Will Fallout 76 get better with time & adjustments? Any Fallout 76 players out there willing to offer your personal opinion of the game or tell us why these reviews are unfair or wrong, let us know your view in the comments section.

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