Red Dead 2 - All Cheat Codes

Red Dead Redemption 2 keeps getting better, here's a collection of the latest Cheat Codes which will allow you to exploit some of the games unlockable features & see what the game is like with all your stats maxed out & more!

Keep in mind you will NOT be able to save your game once you activate the codes, so you should consider this before activating them. If you just want some old school cheat code fun, then these are definitely for you.

You may not be able to use certain codes if you have not reached or acquired the mentioned items or chapters. So be sure to meet the necessary requirements, otherwise you will be met with an on screen message from Rockstar Games saying: 'You do not meet the prerequisites to unlock this cheat'.

How To Use Codes:

- Pause game

- Go to Settings and enter the Cheat Menu

- Here you can see the cheat codes to activate

- Press Triangle and you will be able to enter the codes


- A simple life, a beautiful death - Basic weapons

- You want more than you have - Creates a Superior Horse

- You want freedom - Decreases Wanted Level

- You want punishment - Increases Wanted Level

- A fool on command - Instantly become drunk

- Better than my dog - Increases Whistle Range for Horse

- All is vanity - Own all Outfits

- All is balance - Reset Honor Balance

(Note: requires New Hanover Gazette No. 27 which is acquired by completing Chapter 1)

- Death is silence - Stealth weapons

- Greed is American Virtue - Heavy Ammo

(Note: must own Newspaper Saint Denis 46 which can be acquired in the mission: Magicians for Sport)

- Greed is now a virtue - $500

- Virtue unearned is not virtue - Maximimum Honor level

(note: requires Blackwater Ledger No. 67 which you can acquire by completing the mission: Banking, The Old American Art)

- You revel in your disgrace, I see - Lower Honor level

(Note: requires New Hanover Gazette No. 27, method mentioned above)

- Make me better - Level 2 Dead-Eye

- I shall be better - Level 3 Dead-Eye

- I still seek more - Level 4 Dead-Eye

- I seek and I find - Level 5 Dead-Eye

- You flourish before you die - Fills health, stamina and Dead-Eye levels

- Seek all the bounty of this place - Increase health, stamina and Dead-Eye levels

- The lucky be strong evermore - Infinite stamina

(note: requires Blackwater Ledger No. 68 to use, which you can acquire by completing the mission: Dear Uncle Tacitus)

- Eat of knowledge - Learn all the crafting recipes in the game

- My kingdom is a horse - Increases your bond with horse

- You long for sight but see nothing - Shows the whole game map

(Note: requires Blackwater Ledger No. 66 or New Hanover Gazette No. 31 which you can acquire by completing the mission: Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern)

- Share - Unlocks all camp upgrades

- Abundance is the dullest desire - Get full ammunition

(Note: you’ll need New Hanover Gazette No. 27 which is acquired by completing Chapter 1)

- Run! Run! Run! - Get a racing horse

- Keep your dreams simple - Get a wagon

- The best of the old ways - Get a stagecoach

- Keep your dreams light - Get a horse and cart

Don't have too much fun now!

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