A PC in your Hands

After 2 years and thanks to crowd funding on Kick-starter and Indiegogo, Today it was confirmed that The SMACH Z will be ready to hit players around the world in the early part of 2019.

Image taken from SMACH Z website.

It may sound like the latest design in phone, but in reality it is set to be the most powerful HAND HELD Console in the world. Unlike previous console based handhelds, The SMACH Z will allow players to access their accounts on popular sites like STEAM, ORIGIN and GOG and play any game, including top AAA titles no matter where the player is.

With its AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics and AMD Ryzen Embedded, the SMACH Z certainly has the power. With the makers SMACH promising “graphic quality, never before achieved by a portable device” and coming with a battery life promising 2-7 hours after a 45 minute charge, it should keep most people happy for sure.

If by chance your bored of gaming or fancy a break to do something else then the smach z will also allow you to install Windows, work in Excel, surf the Internet, play music, watch movies, and has a front facing camera that will also allow you to make video calls. With it also allowing keyboards, mice or screens to be connected to it, in short the SMACH Z is basically a high-end gaming desktop PC in your hands. To us and we’re sure for the whole community of Gamers in general around the world, this is sounding like a great little Handheld Console coming to us next year.

for more information, Checkout the website via the link here: www.smachz.com

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