Tuesday Trio

It’s been busy in regards to new game releases today, but out of the list we’ve picked a trio of games that caught our eye, from adventure horror, to a bit of intense racing, and even one for the family to play together. So sit back with a cup of tea or coffee and read our Tuesday trio of games below.


Platforms: PS4 and PC

In this game you walk around a forest and have a great time looking at the wildlife and plants and...Not really, Be a pretty, yet boring game i think. The FOREST looks far from the description at the start of this post and infact You play as, ERIC LEBLANC, the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash. left stranded in a mysterious forest that contains a society of cannibalistic mutants above and underground, players will have to Build and craft weapons as well as shelters, to explore the forest to find Eric’s missing son as well as survive.


Platforms: PS4 / XBOX One and NINTENDO SWITCH

Inspired by the ROLLCAGE games from 1999 and 2000, GRIP is a futuristic combat racer featuring a large selection of tracks, Fast cars, and heavy weapons. Players must combine furious speed with intense action in single or multiplayer mode to cross the line and take the win and could be the perfec game for some GTA Racers out there.


Platforms: PS4 / XBOX One and NINTENDO SWITCH

Some players may remember this when it was originally released for the Nintendo Wii. Yep, CARNIVAL GAMES has been updated for the current generation of consoles and sees players compete solo or against 3 other players. Featuring a total of 20 different mini-games that are inspired by the fun found at a county fair, Carnival Games could help bring back fun and laughs for you, your friends and your family into your living room.

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