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This week we thought that we would do a Throwback Thursday to a game that turns 17 years old on OCTOBER 22nd. A game that changed the look of the GTA series and Set within the fictional Liberty City, the classic that is GRAND THEFT AUTO 3.


For those that may have not played this classic in the GTA series. The Story starts via cut scenes. Even though at first we don’t know his name and only find out in GTA: San Andreas (2004), we are introduced to CLAUDE, Who After being shot and left for dead during a Bank robbery by his Girlfriend, is arrested and once recovered in hospital is sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Whilst on the way to prison in a police convoy, he along with fellow prisoner 8 BALL are freed when the convoy is attacked by some Columbian men, who are freeing an elderly prisoner who is in the prison van with Claude and 8ball.

It is At this point the player takes control of Claude, to take 8ball to a Strip club, where in turn Claude and the player are introduced to their first mission and to the Leone Mafia crime family, the world of gangs, corruption and crime within liberty city.


After the success of GTA 2 in 1999, Developers DMA DESIGNS, now known as ROCKSTAR NORTH, with producers ROCKSTAR GAMES (RSG), wanted to change the format of the previous four games and bring a new style to the GTA series and to the PLAYSTATION 2.

By using the CRITERION GAMES, RENDERWARE ENGINE, and under the direction of producer LESLIE BENZIES, the dma team started work and slowly started to introduce the most popular elements from the series into midway through 2000 the team had managed to get the basics of the game working, and had added the now famous carjacking mechanics that we know today.

Despite the PS2 having more RAM space as well as the ability to use DVD format discs that could store more information than the previous PS1’s CD discs. The team had many difficulties along the way and at times didn’t know how to fit all the information on to the chosen platform.

But by the beginning of 2001, they had managed to figure out a lot of the problems, build liberty city and had added the all the elements of the game and got it working.


Due to the terrible attack on the world trade centre in New York on SEPTEMBER 11th 2001, RSG's owner TAKE TWO INTERACTIVE decided to delay the release of the game by three weeks, with RSG, themselves also deciding to make some changes to the game.

In an interview with IGN on September 19th 2001, RSG’s managing director TERRY DONOVAN said

“We felt that a full content review of all our titles and the marketing materials we use to represent them was absolutely necessary for us ... we have come across certain small contextual references that we were no longer comfortable with, as well as a couple of very rare game play instances that no longer felt appropriate to us”.

The understandable changes came in the form of things such as the LIBERTY CITY POLICE cars, that where originally going to have the same famous blue and white design of the NEW YORK CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. but with 9/11 events they changed to the simple black and white design that could be associated with several police departments across America.

Other changes sore, Planes that flew above LIBERTY CITY have their flight plans changed so they didn’t go near the taller buildings. A mission that referenced terrorists, and some dialogue of the pedestrians as well as on the radio station Talk Radio where also removed.


On OCTOBER 22nd 2001 and Precisely 2 years after the release of GTA2 on the original PLAYSTATION Console, GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 was released on the PLAYSTATION 2 and was instantly both praised for concept and game play. But as well as being praised, and in true GTA series / Rockstar tradition, It also generated controversy about its depiction of violence and of sexual content within it.

Despite the criticism, Grand Theft Auto III went on to became the best-selling video game of 2001. Won GAME OF THE YEAR, as well as several other awards from Gaming Publications. And to date has sold over 14.5 million copies worldwide, over 8 different gaming platforms. Even now after all this time GTA3, is still Considered to be one of the most significant, as well as greatest video game titles, not only in the Grand theft auto series, but also of all time.

RELIVE The Classic...

Re-live the classic story of claude in GRAND THEFT AUTO 3, in the video below by our SLGC member WACKY SAM, in which he plays and 100% completes , Grand Theft Auto 3.

ALL information and Pictures are taken from WIKIPEDIA

LCPD car Colour Change picture by GAMESPOT via WIKIPEDIA


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