Become the webhead himself

So you’ve read the comic’s, seen the films, played this year’s outstanding game and maybe even own the tee – shirt. But if you are the owner of a PSVR headset, did you know about the VR game? And did you know it’s also FREE!

Originally released back in JUNE 2017, and to tie in with the film of the same title, SPIDER-MAN: HOME COMING - VR EXPERIENCE, lets you take your love of SPIDER-MAN to a whole new level by becoming the friendly neighbourhood Superhero himself. Live the dream to Suit up and Learn the in and outs of your brand new stark industries upgraded web shooters. Master the different web types in a Race to complete fast paced targeting and shooting trials, but you’ll have to learn how to use your web shooters quickly, as on the loose and coming for you is the VULTURE.

To have a look at the game, checkout the Trailer Video below or to see it on the PLAYSTATION STORE, then click on the link here:

Thanks to #SLGC member, DeanMachine, for the infomation.

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