New Subscription Service announced by Microsoft

Microsoft today announced that they will be launching a new two-year Xbox subscription plan in the USA that will allow consumers to pay for a console and two online streaming services all within a monthly fee.

The subscription plan, called the XBOX ALL ACCESS PASS, which is unique to Microsoft and has been rumoured for the past year, will see people able to buy an XBOX One S or XBOX One X console through monthly instalments of either $21.99 or $34.99 a month. Both packages come with the console and will also include game-streaming service, Xbox Game Pass, and online multiplayer service Xbox Live Gold and will allow the renter to own the console at the end of the 2 year period.

With XBOXONE S costing an average of around $299 and the XBOX One X costing an average of $499, with the Online services costing an average of $9.99 a month, These subscription will certainly open up a world to people that previously couldn’t afford the cost in one go.

This is also a clever move on Microsoft’s behalf, as by offering this service they also get more gamers to sign up for their online services, which in turn could encourage gamers to stream games more rather than buying them and at the same time boost their Online players.

Please Note: This offer is ONLY available only in the U.S and you will have to go to a PHYSICAL Microsoft store to sign up (and there isn’t one in every state) and sign-ups will end after an unspecified “limited time.” Although credit for the program will be provided by Dell (credit check`s required), sign-ups for the service and retrieval of the consoles are only handled at Microsoft stores. No online sign-up is available at this time. Microsoft says the offering is being offered for a limited time only.

In other news, Microsoft is also introducing an all in subscription service for buyers of the Microsoft Surface, to be known as the Surface All Access, and this may be of particular interest to consumers wishing to get their hands on Office Software along with their new Surface.

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