Games out Today October 2nd

Well here we are into october already and it`s looking like it`s going to be a very good month for gamers, we`ve got our rundown of top games including the Gold Edition of Assassins Creed: Odyssey, MegaMan 11 and The Standard Edition of FORZA 4 that are out today OCTOBER 2nd.


This latest outing in the Assassins series, See’s you become a legendary Spartan hero, journeying across Ancient Greece by land and sea, fight in epic battles and explore a land of myths and legends. An adventure that puts your choices is at the centre of the gameplay experience.

Early Access is available TODAY, for players that have PRE-ORDERED the GOLD EDITION on either XBOX ONE or PLAYSTATION 4.

The STANDARD edition comes out on OCTOBER 5th


The newest entry in this iconic series, that celebrates its 30th anniversary, blends challenging 2D platforming action with a new visual style. Battle the Robot Masters, take their powerful weapons and use the new double boost system to give megaman more power in his latest adventure.

Available on PS4/XBOX One/Switch and PC OCTOBER 2nd


After lucky pre-order owners where able to get early acces to forza 4 a few days ago, The standatd edition is released today. so forza fans, get ready to Race, stunt, and create. Collect, modify and drive over 450 cars. Explore beautiful and historic Britain in a shared open world or choose your own path to become a Forza Horizon Superstar.

The Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition digital bundle includes the Formula Drift Car Pack, aswell as the full game.

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