RDR2 - Gameplay Video Part 2

Exciting information coming from Rockstar Games today on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption II. The AAA game makers have released a few more details on various aspects and features of the new game. Here`s what todays trailer covered.

- Arthur will be under constant danger in the ambitious open new world of RDRII, and actions will have consequences

- Missions & sidemissions will flow naturally between each other

- Players can take part in large scale Heists, smaller more personal missions, rob stage coaches or houses and collect bounties

- Rival gangs and outlaws roam the towns & cities looking for trouble

- The Deadeye System has been tweaked, develops in stages, and will allow players to slow time for greater accuracy and to seek critical hits on enemies weak points

- Players can play the entire game in 1st Person (FPP)

- Lawmakers & Bounty Hunters will pursue highly active criminals

- Players can take part in duals, chase bounties or hang out with other gang members

- Characters can be customised in what they wear, eat, ride, do or don`t do & can even refuse to bathe!

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