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In this edition of Hot Content, we will be featuring a hard working & talented Content Creator that we feel has a catalogue of work on PC, PlayStation & VR games that deserves some recognition. Sam is a Gamer from Australia, creating awesome content on Youtube.

Head over to GameMarathonRunner`s channel and you will find a consistent flow of entertaining gameplays & walkthroughs from a wide variety of games. Among the great content available for viewing is Red Dead Redemption, American Truck Simulator, Crash Bandicoot and an absolute classic, Driver!

Players that might have missed out on some of the classic games of our era should check out the Playlist section of the channel for a gaming education!

Aside from covering some classics, GameMarathonRunner also produces hilarious content that we found entertaining and Sam`s personality resonates throughout his content. One example is Crazy Drunk Guy Drunken Dad Simulator, which had us in stitches, or some of his recent GTA Live Streams that will keep any old school GTA fans entertained.

GameMarathonRunner clearly puts some time & effort into his content, and that reflects in the entertaining nature of his channel. We hope to see more great content from one of our favourite content creators, and we expect big things to come from one of the communities most dedicated & talented individuals.

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