EGX 2018 - Highlights

We had so much fun at this years EGX. We played a tonne of games, and yet missed so many! But with over 260 titles on show, plus daily events, sessions, panels and tournaments it`s way too easy to get sidetracked.

With the dust now settling from the weekends activities, we`ve had a chance to think about a few of the standout events from our weekend at EGX.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Call Of Duty at EGX is a weird fusion of secrecy & anticipation. Trying to judge the wait times for the queue is a thankless task, as we found out for the most of the weekend. So, on sunday we made it our aim to get in line and get into the closely guarded CoD booth.

Once inside we were ushered to a 5v5 LAN setup, the PlayStation staff instructing us that we would be playing a limited multiplayer beta version of a new game mode, called Heist, against players in the opposite setup to us. The new mode plays out like a cross between Search & Destroy and a type of capture mode, basically teams have to capture a package from a designated area and return the package to the teams base. Returning the objective offers rewards, but eliminating all members of the enemy team also works to win rounds. In the mode we played there were no classes so we had to earn credits to buy weapons, gear & upgrades (perks?) in the following round.

We started rounds with just a pistol. In the brief time we had it we found the ICR7 to be the most capable weapon and managed a few hugely satisfying kills. We lost our LAN battle but it was great fun nonetheless. The weapons we used felt great, and the boots on the ground battles are a lot better & more fun than in the previous Black Ops.

Overall we found the Black Ops 4 beta to be excellent, really happy with how the games battles play out, gunfights feel intense but winnable even after taking a few hits, and based on what we have played so far we are looking forward to seeing what the game brings at launch.

Man of Medan.

A horror RPG, we played a fairly detailed demo and found it to be hugely atmospheric, the dark surroundings give the game an intense, suspenseful feel to it. Very limited interactions in the demo we previewed, but we can see the potential for a interesting & engaging story line to get immersed in, and fans of the genre may be interested to keep up with this games developments.

Ace Combat 7.

A flight combat simulator that throws players into dogfights and objective based missions. The gameplay is intense, we found the controls to be slightly hard work, if we had to find a comparison GTA Online`s flying controls are a lot more fun & better feeling than those of Ace Combat 7. Once again this demo was limited to one mission but we found the overall presentation to be very good and the finished game may hold a lot more for fans of the genre.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion.

Playing the Destiny 2 Expansion on their Virgin Media stand at EGX is a fun experience with rows of gamers playing each other in the arena provided. Players queue for a turn of 2 different experiences from the Forsaken expansion. In all fairness to fans of the game, we are not players of the game and we did`nt have a clue what was going on, we found the controls to be awkward and we really only queued up to get one of the super cool Forsaken T-Shirt`s, Posters & Lanyards, which are the awesome prizes in our Destiny 2: Forsaken Giveaway!


Whilst spending time walking around EGX this year, one of the games that caught our attention was Misfolded. This intriguing, narrative driven game, being developed at the NFTS Game Studio and made by, T.J Kaufman, is inspired by Alzheimer's Disease and see’s you play as The Monomer, a lonely character that is shunned and persecuted by most of the population in the healthy world around him.

Our man Downtime got his hands on a 15 minute demo of Misfolded at EGX, as well as having a brief chat with the games Dev`s. DT had this to say, "My first impressions of the game are how unusual the graphics style struck me, with its angular, yet colourful and bright scenery and the main characters featureless face.Yet none of this mattered, because within a minute of playing, I felt empathy for the main character. Misfolded took me through a range of emotions, which to be honest did surprise me during the 15 minute demo that went far too quick and left me wanting more. I liked every aspect of it, from the soundtrack to the character`s movements, I found it to be a hugely interesting game that I would definitely play and recommend others to play".


The BeeKind Game is a fun/educational game targeted towards lovers of Bee`s, children and those wishing to learn more about the purpose of Bees. Developed by H.R. Burdett and her collaborators at NFTS, it is a touch screen controlled game available to Mobile Device using audiences. After getting a demo of the game, which is functional and works well for the purpose it is made for, the games designer Hannah explained a little bit about how she got into game development. It is clear to see from attending these events how important it is for people to have access to the information and resources to craft a career in video games.

Community Events:

All across the floors of EGX are eSports events ranging from family friendly and mini tournaments all the way upto full ESL competitive action. Visiting the ESL arena is always a fun experience, the Castors keep the crowd entertained with facts & stats about players & teams, and the events are always presented with the highest production value possible. We caught bits of the Street Fighter V Finals, Nintendo Switch Tournament Zone and Hearthstone ESL Tournaments taking place over the weekend, and on Sunday we got to check out the ESL Grip event. Later in the afternoon on Sunday was the ESL HyperBrawl Tournament.

Across the show floor were the Swimsanity Tournaments hosted by the Decoy Games team which every time we passed by the booth had a steady stream of willing competitors. Really gutted to have not sampled Swimsanity for ourselves, a game that looks really fun with it`s underwater shooter style. However, we hope to get our hands on a copy in the lead up to it`s release.


All in all, it`s been a really great EGX 2018. We simply cannot wait to see what the games coming out in the near future will bring, and some of the titles releasing in 2019 will keep gamers of all genre`s & levels entertained!

Thanks to EuroGamer for another great year!

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