EGX2018: Day 2 - Highlights

Here`s our highlights from what`s been a packed day 2 of EGX 2018.

In the Sega area we checked out Total War: Three Kingdoms which is a fast paced turn-based strategy that requires tactics & management to win battles. Not a huge fan of these type of games but found this game easy to get into and the battles are quite immersive. Set for release for Steam in early 2019.

Team Sonic Racing is as expected set in the Sonic universe, and is frantic multiplayer racing fun in sportscars. The tracks are colourful & vibrant with plenty of opportunities for crashes & last minute sprints to victory! Great fun! Fans of the genre will like it.

Walking around the exhibition, we found every kind of accessory & piece of merchandise that gamers could possibly want!

We played Ace Combat 7 which is a fast paced flying combat game. We found the controls to be good during combat and the gameplay was fairly immersive. Not being big fans of flying games, we found the demo we played to be limited in terms of combat & excitement, however it was a demo and we can`t judge the final product based on this. Worth checking out if flying is your thing.

We havn`t got round to checking out any of the games displayed by Ubisoft just yet, among their titles on show are Tom Clancy`s The Division 2, Fallout 76 & Assassins Creed: Odyssey. Enjoy these pics of their merchandise & stands that we have seen around the show.

The Fallout 76 stand looks amazing and the team were hosting picture sessions that any Fallout fan would crave! We are definitely going to be playing some of the games on offer from Ubisoft before the weekend is over.

Over in the PlayStation area, Dreams is a different type of game that allows players to create their own mini games ranging from platformers to puzzles, these creations can then be shared with fellow Dreams community members, and you can also use & play other players content.

We found Dreams slightly confusing at first, but well worth a look if you`re after a game to get immersed in & burn some time.

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