EGX2018: Day 2 - Hardware

Day 2 of EGX and we decided to have a stroll around some of the many Hardware stands on display across the main floors.

Downtime checking out the MSI Systems on show at EGX

The tech stands have arrays of PC systems, parts & custom builds on show at the event. If you can find a system here that doesn`t have a list of specifications that sound like they belong on a Spacecraft, then you are better shoppers than us!

We spotted Noble Chairs in a variety of stands, the comfort & quality of these chairs is undeniable and has to be experienced. In the market for a new gaming chair? We can`t recommend them highly enough.

Game Max had some of the best PC setups on display that we have seen. It`s worth stopping by to check Game Max out if you are at EGX. Not to mention their £2,000+ PC & Monitor Giveaway!

The 3XS team displayed some awesome systems.

We found the 3XS team to have some of the best custom builds & top products on show such as the awesome White Shark System (pictured above), as do the crews from CyberPowerPC and Overclockers.

Really catching our eye this year are the products being showcased by the bequiet! team who provide a premium selection of power supplies, PC cases & cooling solutions with the maximum amount of noise reduction possible. The high level of craftmanship is clearly visible in their products.

The bequiet! stand is absolutely worth checking out if you are making the trip to EGX this weekend, as are the many brands on show such as Intel, Corsair and more.

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