EGX2018: Day 1 - Highlights

An action packed day 1 of EGX has concluded. So much to dissect. So much yet to unearth. Here`s a brief roundup of some of the best bit`s from the opening day.


As you can imagine, Fortnite turned up in a big way. The queues were constantly steady, even for Press day. Fortnite put on a well organised multiplayer display of their game, going as far as catering for the Duo`s in attendance. Impressive stuff from the Fortnite team.

COD: Black Ops 4

We can`t imagine what the PlayStation area at EGX would be like without a secretive Call Of Duty booth ushering gamers in to a concealed entrance. It`s lucky we don`t have to.

If you were expecting some mind blowing details about the Black Ops 4 multiplayer on show at EGX you`re reading the wrong blog. All we can say is it`s going to be worth the wait!


We stopped by the BeeKindGame booth to check out a fun & educational game developed by one of the NFTS Students @HRBurdett & her collaborators with Bee fan`s & youngsters in mind!

As well as giving us a demo of the game and telling us a bit about it`s development, we also got to chat to Hannah, the games designer, about how she got into studying Video Game Development.

One of the great things about EGX is getting to meet & hang out with cool people and that`s why it`s such a good event for providing platforms for learning, education & doing more than just playing games.

Keep up to date with @beekindgame on Twitter.


Last but not least, we "swang" by the Spiderman booth (please forgive that terrible, terrible pun). This doesn`t need much selling. The Spiderman franchise is back in full swing (I know, I know) with a completely reinvigorated game, performing exceptionally on the PlayStation areas PS4 Pro setups that were on offer. 100% worth dropping by (......) and checking out if you should be in attendance at EGX this year.

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