EGX 2018 - Velocity G

Coming to EGX 2018 is the zero g based futuristic racer Velocity G by indie developers Repixel8.

Velocity G is a brand new futuristic Zero-G arcade racing game with a twist.

Velocity G is unique to other games in the genre as it features a unique 360 degree tunnel mechanic making for a more dynamic racing experience.

In addition to various single player game modes, Velocity G features up to 2-4 player split screen, for local multiplayer action.

Key features:

Unique 360 degree tunnel racing mechanic.

Race through hundreds of procedurally tracks across 8 unique themed environments.

Various race types including Multi-lap, Sprint, Slalom, Drag Strip.

Single player or split screen multiplayer mode supporting up to 4 local players.

Race offline against opponents from around the world.

Unlock and customise racers.

Coming soon on consoles and Steam.

The latest development preview version of Velocity G will be playable at EGX ahead of private beta, with many new features revealed including:

In game currency system

Ship powerup / upgrade mechanic

4 player split screen

Improved visuals and UI

New tracks and racers

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