Hash Rush

In the run up to EGX 2018 we will be featuring a selection of the games & indie titles that we are looking forward to trying out.

Hash Rush is a competitive RTS using Cryptocurrency as reward system. For anyone wondering what the hell we just said, you can read more about Cryptocurrency here, Blockchain here and Hash Rush here.

Hash Rush at EGX - The first game to fully harness blockchain technology

Get your hands on the game at EGX and sign-up to the beta for a chance to win $30,000 worth of Ethereum

Hash Rush unites the worlds of cryptocurrency and real-time strategy gaming. For the first time ever, this combination allows gamers to compete for cryptocurrency and other rewards!

By harnessing blockchain technology, Hash Rush enables rewards to be paid to players with true ownership, in addition to in-game currency and in-game items.


Attack enemies and defend your Crypto Crystals from threats by building and strengthening your mining colony


Extract valuable Crypto Crystals from mysterious veins scattered across your planet to progress up the leaderboard and earn real crypto rewards


With our player-to-player marketplace you can buy and sell items using the in-game cryptocurrency RUSH Coin

The closed beta will launch on 28 September
VZ Games

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