StushLife Celebrates

Well time does fly, and to some it may only seem like 5 minutes since we first saw the advert on television and thought “wow! That looks good”. But as hard as it may be to believe, on SEPTEMBER 17th Grand Theft Auto V will turn 5 Years old.

(GTAV cover art via R*.com)

(GTAV Trailer via R* Games on Youtube)

But of course this isn’t the only birthday that ROCKSTAR GAMES will be celebrating, as two weeks later on OCTOBER 1st the jewel in the crown of GTAV, and lets face it, by far the biggest reason that it is still the most downloaded game on playstation at this present time, GTAV ONLINE, also turns 5 Years old.

(GTAVOnline Trailer via R*Games on Youtube)

Even though STUSHLIFE CREW wasn’t even a Twinkle in our Crew`s leader, Mikeaveli’s eye. For us GTAV was the start of the roller coaster of gaming that spawned many ideas including this very website that you’re on now.

So to celebrate these two land mark birthdays Crew Commissioner LAZARUS will be holding TWO GTAV/Online Events for PS4 Players that will be open to both STLI members and Friends.

The first meet, to celebrate GTAV’s Release, will be held this SATURDAY 15th SEPTEMBER starting at 9pm (BST) and will feature a meet and greet, Playlist and an after party BLOW-OUT (?)

The second meet, to celebrate GTAVOnline, will take place two weeks later on SATURDAY 29th SEPTEMBER and will also start at 9pm (BST) and again is open to Crew and Friends.

We understand that to some GTAV isn’t as great as it once was but to those that still enjoy being in Los Santos, We hope that you’ll join us and of course LAZARUS in celebrating and help us in wishing, ROCKSTAR GAMES, GTAV and GTAOnline a Happy 5th Birthday.

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