Family Fun comes to PS4 & XboxOne Today on Digital Download.

With A Collection of 33 games for up to four players that offers wholesome fun for families to get together and for kids of all ages, Developers TEYON and producers MASTIFF, have annouced ARCADE ISLANDS: VOLUME ONE is available today on DIGITAL DOWNLOAD on both PS4 and XBOXONE.

About the game..

Arcade Islands: Volume One features six exotic islands filled with fun games and treasure waiting for adventurers of all skill levels. Players can explore the islands solo, invite a group of friends over for some local co-op and competitive gameplay, or round up the troops for some wholesome family gaming. Players race across island maps in their quest to be crowned Island Ruler, discover Treasure to proudly display in their Treasure Hut, and topple their friend's scores and the scores of players from around the world to gain online leaderboard fame.

In the process, players will unlock new islands filled with a variety of new games. Fill up the Treasure Hut with Treasure from all 33 games and become the ultimate master of Arcade Islands: Volume One!

Game Features..

Tons of Games! Climb, run, jump, blast, rocket, outwit, and even putt your way through 33 games spread out across six fun-filled Islands.

Explore and Collect! Earn stars by playing games to unlock treasure, new Islands, and even more games.

Island Hop with Friends! Join up to three other players for friendly competitive or cooperative play with just one system and one copy of the game.

Claim the Crown! Fill your Treasure Hut with bounty from every game and climb atop the online leaderboards to be crowned Ruler of the Island.

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More Infomation..

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About Teyon

Teyon is a developer and digital publisher of video games for major platforms. Established in 2006 in Krakow, Poland, the company has since expanded, with offices in Lodz, Poland and Tokyo, Japan, which employ over 70 gaming enthusiasts. Using proprietary cross-platform technology, Teyon has been able to successfully release over 100 self-developed titles and has localized many more.

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Mastiff is a publisher of fun, easy-to-pick-up-and-play games on all platforms including those from Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, and online gaming. Founded in 2002, having recently celebrated their 15th Anniversary, Mastiff is proud to have released games in virtually every genre including action, adventure, casual, FPS, RPG, and music.


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