Twitter and Birthday

Over the course of this last month, life at SLGC has been a bit up and down, as well as busy to say the least...But as always we keep pushing on and make it through.

If you follow our twitter page (@stush_life) you might have noticed that not so long ago we went quite for a few weeks. This was simply because over night our account became locked by twitter on the grounds; wait for it... because we were under age!!

Got to laugh, seeing how the guys that look after our twitter page are nearly as old as internet itself. As you can imagine, this was not welcome and came at a really bad time, infact just 5 days before we where to celebrate our GTAV Crew, StushLife's, 4th Birthday.

However we being us carried on as best we could on our back up page @stushtweets and Thankfully since then we have resolved the Problem and @stush_life is here to stay, For Good!


Birthday pic by Lazarus

As mentioned above, at the time of 'that' problem, On June the 14th our GTAV crew, STUSHLIFE, unbelievably turned 4 years old. It seems like only yesterday, Since MIKEAVELI first brought us together and to celebrate we did a couple of videos of our past GTAOnline achievements and meets of the crew, titled “A Stush Montage” and “Stushology”, which you can see below.

Of course after 4 years we could'nt forget our roots and we also celebrated online, with one of the original 8 members, LAZARUS, holding a 4 day GTAOnline event that he called Stush4Life, with each day representing a year of the crew.

Stush4Life Event pic by Downtime

All 4 days went well, with each day starting with a meet up, followed by a year themed 6 job playlists (put together by Lazarus) of various STLI members and Rockstar Games jobs.

Thank you to Lazarus and to everyone that helped celebrates our 4th birthday in LOS SANTOS on GTAV.

We have more StushNews Coming shortly About NEW meets and future SLGC projects

Keep it Stush.



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