GTAV, STLI, Saturday and Beyond

Well can you believe it’s been nearly two weeks since we celebrated our GTAV Crew STUSHLIFE’s 4th birthday, how time flies. Soooo time for some more Regular Crew meets then.

Starting this SATURDAY the 30th June, our PS4 Division of our GTAV Crew STUSHLIFE, will be holding regular crew meets for its members and all are welcome to attend if you inform the host in time that you wish to take part.

More about this SATURDAY...

As it’s the end of the month and because it was a old favourite, our event MOST STUSH OF THE MONTH (MSOTM) makes a return, and will continue to take place on every last Saturday of the month from this point on.

For those that don’t know, MSOTM is a playlist of various crew made and OR Rockstar made jobs covering modes such as DM’s, RACES and LTS’s. At Present time the winner of the playlist will get the title most stush of the month, with shout outs etc, but depending on popularity may well involve a prize in future months.

For further details on Saturdays meet see our ROCKSTAR SOCIAL CLUB page or our media feeds.

And Then?

We will be holding another Themed Crew Meet, 2 weeks later on SATURDAY 14th of July. Details on this we’re not giving away just yet, but as the time gets closer, you will learn more about it.

Want to get involved?..

That’s easy! At the time of the event news being released, we will also tell you who will be hosting that particular event that day. All you need to do is contact the person that is hosting, No later than at least 2 days before the event start day and tell them you want to get in on the event and then they will be able to get you in and taking part.


Of course life can be unpredictable and in the case that an event has a change of host or (due to no choice) has to be cancelled, then a notice of this will be posted on ALL our Media pages as well as our R* SC page to tell you of the change or cancellation.

Thankyou for reading