Keeping In Touch

Hi fellow gamers,

Just a quick reminder of how to communicate with other members of Stush Life Crew and our affiliates.

Communicating with STLI members - We have many ways for you to keep up with fellow crew mates via your PS4 or XBOXOne, as well as on your MOBILE PHONE or TABLET. Read below for further details:

One of the best ways of communicating with fellow members and our COMMISSIONERS, is on our SOCIAL CLUB page. This is manned on a daily basis by one of the commissioners, who post news and answer questions.

Playstation Players - We have a PLAYSTATION COMMUNITY that is able both on your PS4 and via the PLAYSTATION COMMUNITY APP that you can access through your Mobile phone or Tablet.

XBOX Players - We have the STUSHGAMING CLUB that is able both on your XBOXOne and via the XBOX APP that you can access through your Mobile phone or Tablet.

DISCORD APP - You can also chat to fellow members , through our DISCORD APP that is hosted by our HALEYTJUKKEN and it does not matter if your a PS3, PS4, XBOne or XB360 player or even If your a PC player this Group is for you! Come chat to your fellow Stush Members via Discord HERE.

Full info can be found here.

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