Stush Fun Coming Soon

First of all, we would like to say Thank you for joining us and welcome to our GTAV crew STUSHLIFE.

We started STUSHLIFE in 2014 with only 8 members and now today we have not only hit but passed 900, which is totally mind blowing and we thank ALL STLI members past and present for making that possible. Only yesterday we posted the STUSHLIFE GTAV UPDATE blog, which is a quick hello, our brief history and a guide to help new STLI members in their first steps after joining the crew. If you haven't read yet, no problem, just click HERE. We hope you find it of interest.

What’s next from STLI?

If you're wanting to get involved with some STLI activities with your fellow crew members, Then look no further as we have a good few things lined up for the coming MONTHS for you.

First up is a CREW MEET that is being held this SATURDAY 20th JANUARY by our PS4 Division, what they've titled as the 'WELCOME TO STLI' crew meet. The meet is due to start at 8.30pm GMT / 9.30 CET (see below for your time zone) and will be hosted by 2 of our original 8 members, DOWNTIME & LAZARUS. They have some good stuff lined up, which we would tell you about but that would spoil it. For more info message either of them on SOCIAL CLUB or on our PLAYSTATION COMMUNITY page and come join them Saturday and have some STUSH fun.

WELCOME TO STLI start times...

AMERICA - 12.30pm PST / 2.30pm CST / 3.30pm EST.

SOUTH AMERICA - El Salvador/ Costa Rica etc - 2.30pm UTC

Columbia/ Peru etc -3.30pm UTC

Brazil/ Chile etc - 4.30pm UTC

** PLEASE NOTE ** IF YOUR TIME ZONE IS NOT IN THE LIST, then please contact either DOWNTIME or LAZARUS and they will let you know.


As we said at the start of this blog we have a some other events lined up for you over the next few months and we hope you will come join us for them, we don’t like to spoil surprises and will bring you more Info over the coming days. ALL updates will be posted on our SOCIAL CLUB page first. So don’t forget to keep checking it to keep up with what’s going on.

Well that’s it for now, but once again WELCOME to STLI and THANKYOU for joining us and becoming part of our STUSHFAM.

If you have any questions then please direct them to our COMMISSIONERS via our SOCIAL CLUB page, thank you

Keep It Stush.



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