The Walking Dead: The Midseason break And The Bad News Ahead

I hate midseason breaks in my favourite TV shows. The Walking Dead is one of the few programmes that I, despite my unhappiness, don`t mind waiting for. This week is the midseason "Finale" of The Walking Dead, and a few things about the latest episode leave me concerned for the future.

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Without spoiling the whole episode, Maggie, Rick and virtually all of the allied communities have been caught out once again by the Negan and The Saviors, who it seems have recovered weapons and manpower in a record time after the attack on the Sanctuary. With Negan and his men surrounding Alexandria, Carl creates a diversion for the community to escape, and Dwight proves his commitment to aiding in Negan`s downfall.

In my opinion, this episode felt a bit rushed, the plot was too easy to predict, and very little effort was put into the characters stories for this episode. While I can`t wait for the return of Season 8 in the new year, the show does seem to be becoming worryingly predictable. With that said, theres going to be a few changes for the series in the future, and these changes will make a lot of difference to the way things are now.

Anyone who has seen the latest episode will know that Carl`s future in the series is coming to an end. Such a shame. And such a deviation from the comics. Sure, the comics and the series have never followed a like for like course, but if this is how the story had to go then it surely could have been done better.

Carl`s time in TWD is coming to an end (Image Source: AMC)

And just how the hell did Negan and The Saviors escape their certain deaths at the Sanctuary? Why did Maggie and the Hilltop fighters roll over to Simon so easily? Why did Rick waste time trying to recruit Jadis and the Scavengers? This season has higlighted so many weak points in the collective strength and decision making of Rick and the Allied camps that its no wonder Negan is getting away with line stepping.

Another original member of the cast is departing from The Walking Dead in Season 8. Morgan, it has been revealed, will be leaving TWD and joining the cast of Fear The Walking Dead. Will this make sense in the long run? Will it fill or create gaps in the plot so far? Who knows. However this move will have to be executed in the right way, because taking such a key figure from TWD will need a well written story to make everything match up. Just lately, TWD hasn`t been as good as it has been in the past at doing this, so I hope for good things if this is how the story must go.

Morgan is moving on (Image Source: AMC)

In other TWD news, hardcore fans may remember Frank Darabont`s departure as Executive Producer on the show a while back over financial discrepancies with AMC. Well, he is now joined by TWD creator Robert Kirkman and fellow show Producers Gale Anne Hurd and others in filing legal action against AMC over similar financial discrepancies as Darabont. Lets hope this does`nt impact the show anymore than it is already being affected.

The Walking Dead Season 8 returns with Episode 09 on February 25, 2018.

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