Paladins: Does "Cards Unbound" Need Rethinking?

The Popular FPS game Paladins by Hi-Rez Studios is currently creating tensions amongst its community over its decision to introduce the Cards Unbound system in its latest PTS, which could potentially go live in update OB 64.

On the official Paladins Forums there is a growing consensus for a rethink on the implementation of the new Cards Unbound system. Some players are even calling for a complete scrapping of the system. Despite some support from the community for aspects of the Cards Unbound system, it seems there is a general unhappiness about the amount of time required to achieve unlocks, and also the unfairness that higher level cards will outweigh any players with lower level cards, thus making the game less fun for those not grinding continuously or for those not spending money to get the unlocks.

One forum user, Chido55, comments that "I love the new card system BUT the amount of grinding was actually insane". Across the forums, the majority of players are reflecting this type of unhappiness with the new system, especially after players have spent money on their existing setups & loadouts, which will be erased if the Cards Unbound update goes ahead.

Forum user PancakeLegend observes that the new Cards Unbound system is disguising its Pay2Win mechanics, and speculates that the system will encourage players to:

  • Buy more chests

  • Spend all your gold

  • RNG will give you stuff you dont want

  • You have no more gold

  • Time to buy some more crystals

Personally we have been playing Paladins since its arrival as a Beta on PS4, and have also played it on PC and at live events, and we enjoy & like the current in game card system, even if it could do with a few tweaks. After HI-Rez has done so many positive things this past year for the competitive & eSports side of things for the Console Communities it is hard to be mad at the studio. Also we have not had chance to try the Cards Unbound system for ourselves so our opinion is minimal. However we would hate to see a great game get ruined by an unpopular update.

Instead it might be better to focus on certain aspects of the game to improve rather than introducing new characters, skins, currency systems and confusing ranking up methods. Paladins is a great game once you get used to how it works, and the competitive mode can be a tonne of fun to play. We hope the Dev`s listen to the community feedback and are able to make the right decision moving forward.

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