Stush Life Crew Still Growing

Its been a strange year for the Stush Life Crew. I have been off on a sabatical journey, scouring the universe for new opportunities & ideas for Stush Gaming as a organisation. This has meant I hav`nt been online & hanging out as much as I would have liked to have done. Impressively, the crew has continued to expand and we have reached a new milestone.

Stush Life has almost reached 600 members, an achievement which I could`nt have predicted or ever expected. So thankyou to all our newest members and thankyou to our resident players that have shown supreme loyalty and have continued to represent the Stush brand come rain or snow. I appreciate all of your efforts & contributions.

The Crew has been going through a transformative period in 2017. But its also been one of our most successful years so far. Consider the efforts of our YouTube Content Creation Team, whose tireless efforts have paid off with some of our best viewing numbers to date. Special thanks to Downtime & Lazarus for their constantly improving work on the content for the channel!

At the beginning of 2017 we held 2 of the highest profile Tournaments that GTA Online has seen. The Kings Of Los Santos & The Free Aim All Stars events were a massive logistical online challenge for our team, and despite some obstacles in our presentation of the events, we are proud to have delivered unique events for the GTA Online Community.

The Kings Of Los Santos was our 1st event of the year, and it was originally featured by the awesome guys over at VG247, so a huge thanks to Matt for making our feature happen & supporting grassroots gamers. The Kings Of Los Santos tournament attracted one of our partners Fatal Grips who generously supported & sponsored the event with prizes for our competitors. Considering we had no other sponsors in the early stages it was a gamble for Fatal Grips but we are grateful for the support and we thank those guys for making their end of the deal happen.

Following our positive response to our events, the guys over at Rockstar Games decided to feature not only The Kings Of Los Santos but also The Free Aim All Stars event on the Newswire, providing us with invaluable promotion & prizing for the events. We never expected the support, but we got it. Rockstar Games backed us up in a big way, and we thank them for their support and positivity in 2017.

In september we were fortunate to attend EGX2017, and it was an amazing event & experience. So many games, devs, media personalities and cool stuff happening, its an event that we recommend going to if you have chance. All gamers should experience events like EGX at least once, the amount of gaming culture available at the event is priceless. Thanks to the organisers for having us.

This past year we introduced a new subsidiary to the Stush brand. StushGG is the name for our Competitive Teams & Clans that play Overwatch, Paladins & other competitive games. As with all of our projects, some succeed & some don`t, but in 2018 we will be looking to replicate the success of our GTA Crew and we will look to expand the capabilities & personnel for StushGG and to also get our teams involved in the eSports scene. So look out for updates on this branch of Stush in the new year.

Talking of expansion, we have made considerable efforts to bring our organisations website upto scratch. We realise it has`nt always been performing or as organised as we expect, however we have reached a point where our site is now firing on all cylinders. We have introduced StushBlogs which will be an outlet for our most talented writers & community members. As always our website is an ongoing project, so expect improvements whenever it is possible to implement them.

All of this adds up to what has been a very busy year. Personally, I have made a few mistakes on the journey to get where we are now. But I have learned and will be more reflexive in the future. For all the mistakes, we have accumulated a host of successful & positive decisions & actions. I want to thank my key guys for sticking with me through the bad days, and for being positive when I wasn`t. Nothing we have done has been easy, and we are still learning new methods & shortcuts everyday.

Most importantly I am grateful to the people that support us on our media outlets, the players that put in time & effort and make our Crew & Clans possible, the companies that have worked with, sponsored & featured us this past year, the people that work behind the scenes to keep our channels, content & social media upto date, and the people that believe in the vision even when others might not see it.

Stush Mike

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