Rampage The Movie

Rampage The Game is finally becoming Rampage The Movie. Can anyone recall playing this game? A 1986 classic arcade game, Rampage was around before most of us knew what a video game was. Check out the latest news on the games conversion to the big screen.

Upto 3 players could control George, Lizzie or Ralph, who are monsters that were normal people before some questionable genetic modifications. The aim of the game was to cause as much mayhem & destruction in your battles against the human forces. We unfortunately have no gameplay of our own to explain the game better, so we found a gameplay from Youtuber Gamer7566 which will demonstrate what Rampage the Game is all about.

Gamer7566`s Rampage Gameplay

The game was playable at the time on platforms such as the Atari 8-Bit, the Spectrum ZX and the Sega Master System, and at later dates iterations of the game appeared on PlayStation and Wii consoles.

That brings us to 2017 and the announcement of The Rampage Movie which will be released in April 2018. Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Naomi Harris and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the movie is being Directed by Brad Peyton who also worked with Johnson on the movie San Andreas. Rampage the Movie follows the storyline of the Rampage Game in a cat & mouse battle between the monsters and the humans after once again some genetic editing goes wrong. If the promise of a 30ft Werewolf does`nt reel you in for a watch then frankly nothing will.

In all honesty, we sort of know what to expect from movies with The Rock in them, and we think that Rampage will follow suit with a solid, action packed Video Game To Big Screen conversion. Its great to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a movie after his performances in The Walking Dead, and it will be interesting to see him in a different setting. Overall we are looking forward to seeing the movie. Rampage is out April 2018.

Warner Brothers "Rampage".

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