Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

Horizon Zero Dawns new DLC, FROZEN WILDS, takes ALOY on new adventures, adds all new storylines, side activities, characters, experiences and also opens up a brand new region for exploration in the icy north of the of the post-apocalyptic world known as the CUT located to the north of the already known map, where aloy meets the nomadic Banuk tribe to investigate a mysterious new Machine threat.

The Frozen Wilds

In the CUT, Aloy must Battle against the harsh landscape of hot springs and geysers, as well as a large plateau of rock and ice, to gain the respect of the Banuk, gain new allies, unlock a variety of additional abilities, gain new items, weapons, armour and knowledge, that she will need to uncover the secrets which plague the land and to ensure she has a fighting chance to survive, not only the environment but also the ferocious new Machines that await her.

Within the landscape aloy will find that the wildlife isnt friendly and will fight battles against speedy foes that will test Aloy's hunting and dodging skills. also New mechanical landmarks, known as TOWERS, Make Aloy's fights more difficult, as active towers will buff nearby enemies, repair machines and also disable your mount.

The makers of horizon zero dawn, Guerrilla Games, claim that FROZEN WILDS will keep players busy with its 15-hour campaign, which isn't bad overall for a DLC and to be honest, With all the various screenshots and trailers that have been released over the last few months, this extension to the HORIZON world is looking like a Must buy for all HORIZON ZERO DAWN Fans.

You can take part in Aloys new adventures, when Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is released in a few days time, on Tuesday November the 7th and For a limited time, PS Plus members can download the new add-on for 25% of the regular Price from the playstation store.

See more of frozen wilds in action, in the video below from Playstation Europe on youtube.

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