Assassin`s Creed: Origins. Boring or Brilliant?

Wondering where to start with Assassin`s Creed Origins? After playing Ubisoft`s latest offering almost exclusively since it`s release, we have smashed, slashed & stabbed our way up to level 19 and unlocked tonnes of Gear & Abilities to use in a vast, interactive

and open world. So is Assassin`s Creed Origins any good?


Assassin`s Creed Origins immerses player`s into a fast paced plot, which keeps the story mode interesting and engaging, the need to find out what happens next is a good feature of the game. The Combat style of the new Assassins Creed is functional and enjoyable, combat engagments are fun and hectic, and we are finding the games NPC`s to be fairly challenging at higher levels, the lower levels as expected run around like headless chicken`s and make for easier pickings. Combat engagements quickly teach you when to take enemies on in a gung-ho style and when to use stealth, Senu and other forms of sneakiness to balance out your chances.

Speaking of Senu, it cannot be underestimated how useful it is to utilize your trusty Eagle to scout locations as often as possible. Using the Assassinate function is extremely useful for taking out enemies without drawing attention. The Parkour style of movement fits perfectly with the style of the game and one of our favourite moments so far has been scaling one of the Pyramid`s in Giza and then taking a photo of it with Photo Mode, which is a really great feature of the game for those who appreciate in-game artwork, of which the graphically rich Assassin`s Creed Orgins offers plenty of. Story mode`s cut-scenes are a reasonable length and include enough detail to set the mission up but not too much so as to drag on.

A Completed Quest, and Senu The Eagle.


Occasionally we have found certain Quest objectives that despite having completed the prequisite tasks they don`t have follow up objectives, which is a shame because after completing a host of tasks to complete a Quest you expect the story to flow seemlessly. Considering the game is a single player only and so doesn`t have the headache of Online issues to deal with, we expected the game to be more finished when it comes to in-game task & objectives.

We have also found certain movement/control issues, which are sometimes understandable due to being in combat or backed into a corner or awkward spot, and then at other times it can be difficult to understand why you are having movement/control issues when performing simple parkour or combat movements. Expect glitches in certain parts of the game.

Who is Layla? We will find out...

Thought`s on Assassin`s Creed: Origins so far:

After much expectation we were excited to get our hands on this much anticipated game. And we are glad that we did. Assassin`s Creed Origins is a refreshing break from the hectic Online gaming scene, and the Story Mode is engaging and immersive, as is the open world environment. The game mechanics are working really well and allow for a hugely fun gaming experience. In our opinion there is plenty of opportunity to earn upgrades & ability points without reaching for a Credit Card, however there are reasonable options for those that do wish to make in-game purchases.

This is a good aspect of the game as many modern games encourage you to spend money to keep up, whereas Assassin`s Creed: Origins in our opinion doesn`t push these options on the player. Despite occasional glitches and the odd movement/control issues this is a great game at it`s core. With awesome in-game graphics, tonnes of fun missions, quests and side tasks to keep you entertained, Assassin`s Creed Origins is turning out to be one of our favourite games of 2017, and there`s still more to come.

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