Overwatch Season 6 Ends Today..

The Sixth Season of Competitive Overwatch end`s today, the news coming recently from Josh Engen, Community Manager at Blizzard, who annouced that Season 6 of Competitive Overwatch will be coming to a close on October 28. Here`s a rundown on Season 6's rewards, Season 7 & other Overwatch news.

The Spoils of Season 6:

Players that have completed their placement matches during Season 6, will as usual receive a special Season 6 spray and player icon. These will be automatically unlocked when you log into your account the first time after the season finishes. Those lucky enough to have been placed within the Top 500 players on your platform (and in your region) at the end of the season, additionally receive an extra player icon and animated spray on top of the other seasonal rewards, as if the boasting right`s aren`t enough.

Picture Credit: Blizzard/Activision

Aside from sprays and icons, players also receive a number of Competitive Points based on the maximum skill rating you achieved during the season. Here's the Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Points (CP) breakdown for Season 6:

SR 1-1499 (Bronze): 65 CP SR 1500-1999 (Silver): 125 CP SR 2000-2499 (Gold): 250 CP SR 2500-2999 (Platinum): 500 CP SR 3000-3499 (Diamond): 750 CP SR 3500-3999 (Master): 1250 CP SR 4000-5000 (Grandmaster): 1750 CP

Season 7 isn`t that far away...

Players won`t have to wait long for a Competitive fix as Season 7 begins in just 3 days on October 31, part of the new streamlined Season schedule from Blizzard. Season 6 will officially end on Saturday, October 28 at 5:00 p.m. PDT (Sunday, October 29 at 00:00 UTC), and Season 7 is currently scheduled to launch three days later on Tuesday, October 31 at 5:00 p.m. PDT (or Thursday, November 1 at 00:00 UTC).

Overwatch is a busy game right now huh...

Yes it is, starting with it`s latest Developer Update, in which Jeff (Left) and the Overwatch Team outlines the changes they have lined up for the World Cup & eSports League teams, Observation/Casting side of things, Spectate features and Tournament organisation support features. Check out the full video for full details.

The Overwatch Team is also looking at potentially nerfing Mercy, in particular her Resurrect ability, as it seems since her last buff in Sptember she has become slightly overpowered and is in need of adjustment.

OpTic Gaming has strenghtened it`s roster ahead of the Overwatch League in December with the signings of former FNRGFE players. The move see`s Bani, coolmatt69, Boink, Pence, muma & Clockwork joining OpTic`s team. OpTic Gaming as an organisation has an above average success rate and reputation, so it will be interesting to see how the Overwatch League plays out for them & the other teams involved.

For Overwatch fan`s who enjoy discovering the game`s & character`s backstories you can get the "Overwatch Anthology" which is a comprehensive collection of the associated comics and artwork that has come from Blizzard so far. A must have for the die-hard Overwatch fan, and full details are available from Dark Horse Comics.

That just about wraps thing`s up from our perspective. Season 6 saw many improvements introduced such as shorter seasons & adjustments to match settings which made Competitive feel a lot more fun overall. We hope that Blizzard keeps up the great work, and we can`t wait to see what competitive fun Season 7 brings.

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