Call Of Duty: WWII. Back to basics

Call Of Duty WWII arrives on November 03, and the latest offering from Sledgehammer Games has high expectations around it. Can a return to traditional grounded FPS action revive the Call Of Duty Series for both casual & competitive players?

WWII Campaign:

Campaign Mode will see players take on the role of a young recruit in the First Infantry Division of the US Army that is dropped Behind Enemy Lines and takes players through historic battles on the journey to Germany. It has been confirmed WWII will be a Single player mode only, ruling out the prospect of Co-Operative campaign gameplay.

WWII Multiplayer:

What more can we say about a return to "Boots On The Ground" Call Of Duty Games, much welcomed by the COD Community it should see one of the most popular FPS series return to it`s former heights with traditional grounded battle`s replacing the gravity defying boost`s & jump`s approach of the past few COD titles. There is an all new War Mode, and multiplayer will have Divisions which effectively replaces the Perks system, with Infantry, Expeditionary and Armoured being among the divisions for players to choose from. Also new are The HeadQuarters, a dedicated social space where you can fine tune your skills, view eSports matches and take part in 1v1 Pit Battles.

The Multiplayer HQ & Divisions. Image Credits: Activision/Sledgehammer

New Map`s include Pointe Du Hoc which is a D Day Landing site, Ardennes which is a fast paced map favouring short to medium range engagements, and Gibraltar which offers the chance for multilevel combat engagements. Weapons range from the Ice Pick, M1 Garand and the Grease Gun, and indications in the Beta suggest the game is favoured toward SMG players. Many useful Scorestreaks can be acquired to assist in dominating the battle. Some of these include the Remote Controlled Glide Bomb, The highly destructive Artillery Barrage, Carpet Bombing for aerial obliteration and the humble Molotov, to set people on fire we guess.

Scorestreaks & The Grease Gun. Image Credits: Activision/Sledgehammer

Game Modes:

As expected, COD WWII will come with classic game modes such as Domination, TDM, Hardpoint and Capture The Flag. One mode that is necessarily being replaced is Uplink with the new gamemode known as Gridiron. Very few details exist, but what intel there is can be found here.

Nazi Zombies:

Described by Sledgehammer Games as an "original and terrifying new co-op survival experience in Call of Duty®: WWII Nazi Zombies. Players will embark on a chilling and mysterious journey through a snowy Bavarian village in Mittelburg, Germany, as they attempt to recover priceless works of art stolen by the Axis powers in World War II". We can only imagine what kind of terror`s await for player`s in the new Nazi Zombies mode. There will be 51 trophies to achieve.

Supply Drops & GB`s:

Supply Drops for WWII are said to contain Weapon Variants and Gear Variants of cosmetic value only, if this is true it will hopefully keep things fairly balanced for players. Activision has taken some heat for the recent Microtransaction Patent`s that surfaced, so we are sure players will be keeping an eye on this upon release. Disappointingly, there is no Clan Support planned for WWII. For more competitive players GameBattles will have integration from launch.

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All things considered, we expect the latest Call Of Duty to be a popular game with fans, we think the return to grounded combat will be good for players and Nazi Zombies looks to be another impressive feature of the game. Fans of the Call Of Duty World League can tune in to on Wednesday October 25 @ 11 AM PT for the latest update from the CWL.

Call Of Duty WWII is available on November 03 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Windows PC.

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