Life in the shadow`s: Assassin`s Creed Origins

Assassin`s Creed Origin`s arrives October 27 and generally the Assassin`s Creed series has always produced stealthy & challenging games. What can we expect in the latest offering from Ubisoft?

Assassin`s Creed Origins is an Action-RPG that places players into ancient Egypt following the story of Bayek, who is the last remaining member of a society known as the Medjay, and the event`s that lead up to the creation of The Brotherhood.

Kyrenaika, Alexandria & Nile Delta are among the maps that can be played. The open world of Assassin`s Creed Origins will allow player`s plenty of time and space to explore the games vast map`s for loot, quest`s challenge`s and other mischief. Player`s can utilize the environment, such as wild animal`s, to distract enemies and make certain aspects of mission`s easier to complete. Bayek`s primary scouting tool, his Eagle Senu, is a vital feature in allowing players to evade sight and to recon missions before undertaking them.

Assassin`s Creed Origins introduces a new Combat System that has been redesigned around hitboxe`s and positioning to allow for more control in combat, however enemies have also been tweaked to be more responsive to your play style. A new gauge system allows player`s to build up special attack`s for use in those close call`s. Heavy Weapon`s, Sword`s and Bow`s are among the many weapon`s for player`s to use to assist their fighting style`s. Player`s have skill set`s such Hunter, Warrior and Seer which when upgraded will greatly assist player`s in their mission`s.

In addition to the Brotherhood`s Origins story the game introduce`s its New Quest System for player`s, each one having unique storyline`s & objective`s for player`s to experience. The massive open world in which Assassin`s Creed Origins is set will keep players exploring and entertained for hours. Improved game mechanics, interactive environment`s, and a new hitmarker combat system look`s to have refreshed and improved the series and it has opened up the potential of the newest Assassin`s Creed.

With Photo Mode there should be a fresh wave of Assassin`s artwork shared across social media, this type of feature has worked so well for games such as GTAV with its thriving Snapmatic community, ACO`s could potentially be just as interesting. Release Day will see the Nomads Bazaar event as an opening set of quests for players to get the ball rolling, with many more to follow.

Assassin`s Creed Origins will be receiving DLC updates in the months after it`s release. November will see The Horus & Roman Centurion Packs, The Hidden Ones DLC is scheduled for January 2018, and March 2018 will see The Curse Of The Pharoahs DLC. You can find more details on the DLC for ACO in this VG24/7 article. Player`s may find the Season Pass useful if you are planning on acquiring all of the Assassin`s Creed add-on content.

Assassin`s Creed Origins appears to offer a new challenge for veteran fan`s and it will undoubtedly appeal to a new audience as well. We expect Assassin`s Creed Origins to be a really interesting & immersive game based upon the initial information and gameplay that is available, and we can`t wait to get lost in it.

Assassin`s Creed Origins is available October 27 for PlayStation 4 & Microsoft Windows. Xbox One X November 07.

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