TWD Season 8. A Welcome Return Of The Apocalypse

100 episode`s & 8 Season`s. We remember the first time we saw Rick attempting to cope with the changed world he woke up to. It`s been a long 6 month`s since we last saw our favourite characters under pressure from Negan & the aptly named Saviours. In the final episode we lost Sasha, but we also lost Glen, Abraham & others during the course of Season 7. Will the 8th season deliver the revenge that we seek?

Let`s keep this brief, Season 7 was slightly slow moving, slightly predictable, yet still entertaining. Season 8 has to do more, the average shock factor`s won`t be as effective after the amount of main character`s we have lost, surprise`s and plot twist`s that TWD fans have become accustomed to.

Can we expect anything unusual in Season 8? Possibly. Rumours of Rick potentially dying may hold some clout considering it`s recent discussion, as depressing as we may find such an idea. Another controversial direction the show could go in is to have a crossover with FTWD, an idea that is gaining momentum with senior show producer`s seemingly confirming the possibility of such plot twist`s.

In essence, there`s too many questions we want answered, and we can`t wait for Season 8 of TWD.

Where & When?

Sunday October 22 on AMC at 9PM in the US. UK Monday October 23 at 9PM available via FoxTV or NOWTV.

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