Xbox One X Or PS4 Pro?

With the Gaming Console scene about to see another contender enter the arena, it`s a perfect time to consider if it`s Microsoft`s upcoming Xbox One X or Sony`s Playstation 4 Pro that makes the most sense for those considering a console upgrade. Sony has had a headstart by releasing the PS4 Pro some time before the XBox One X`s release on November 7.

We had a look at the Xbox One X in action recently at EGX2017, running titles such as Forza7 Motorsport & Sea Of Thieves. Playing the Xbox One X on perfect 4K monitors certainly impressed us, it`s spotless graphics, vibrant textures and lightning quick load times stood out to us as making the Microsoft machine a much better console than previous iterations.

Xbox One X Console Exclusive Title`s:

- Forza7 Motorsport

- Crackdown3

- Sea Of Thieves

- State Of Decay 2

- PUBG PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds

That said, we also played GT Sport, NBA2K18 & Destiny 2 on the PS4 Pro stations, also running on ideal 4K monitors, and achieving equally impressive loading times, realistic gameplay & graphical improvements compared with its predecessor. Games on both machines feel rich, immersive & in our opinion offer an enhanced gaming experience for console gamers.

PS4 Pro Console Exclusive Title`s:

- Call Of Duty WW2 (DLC Content Exclusive to PS4)

- Gran Turismo Sport

- Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy

- Uncharted The Lost Legacy

- Spiderman (2018)

Our verdict:

Both machines have stepped up the performance levels compared with their previous consoles. In all honesty we found there to be very little difference between the 2 consoles in terms of performance and graphical improvements, with the Xbox One X having slightly higher graphics capabilites. Both machines will improve the overall gaming experience of anyone considering upgrading. It is too early in the life of 4K gaming to base the decision on 4K performance unless you know you are looking to achieve a 4K gaming setup from the outset.

We feel that the biggest seperators of the two machines is the price and the Console Exclusive games that are on offer, of which Sony & the PS4 Pro have an advantage over the Xbox One X. While Microsoft`s range of titles contains enough games to be worthy of buying an Xbox One X outright, such as PUBG, gamers who prefer blockbuster mainstream titles such as COD WW2 will most likely lean towards Sony, coupled with it`s cheaper price and the overall ability of the PS4 Pro to deliver the "complete console experience" we rate the PS4 Pro ahead of it`s competition.

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