Overdrive: More Over The Top than Overtaking

Looking for a fix of supercar chase based excitement while waiting for the next Fast&Furious movie? Overdrive could be just the movie for you.

Andrew & Garrett are brothers in the car robbery business. Something which they do with over the top arrogant stunts, but then which high level carjacker does`nt? Star of the show Andrew, played by Scott Eastwood (yes, Clint`s son), has the spotlight for most of the film. After a "job" does`nt go exactly to plan, the brothers and a last minute team are caught in the middle of a feud between arch rival criminals, and are forced into carrying out their biggest heist yet.

For all the fairly good eye candy, exotic supercars and reasonably good car chases, the plot is thin, the characters lack character and the bad guys are dodgy. The LA Times were slightly more opinionated on this than us.

In our opinion, Overdrive is a well-meaning, fun & well executed car movie. Competing with The Need For Speed and The Fast&Furious franchise was always going to be difficult for any new movie. To step into the genre and make any sort of lasting impression without an eye-watering budget and stellar cast is near impossible. Unfortunately Overdrive finds itself overpowered in this battle, but it was a good effort and is worthy of at least one viewing to decide for yourself.

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